Pre-Owned CF10 Conical Unitank Bundle

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Pre-Owned CF10 Conical Unitank Bundle


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This bundle includes a standard CF10 Conical Unitank from Spike Brewing, plus the following accessories:

  • TC100 Cooling Kit
    • 4″ TC Cooling Coil
    • 1.5″ TC Thermowell
    • ITC308 Temperature Controller
    • Submersible Cooling Pump
    • 6′ Insulated Tubing
    • Neoprene Jacket
    • Quick Disconnect Couplers for Cooling Coil
    • Heating Pad
  • Long Leg Extensions
  • Extended Bracing Plate
  • 3″ Caster Wheels
  • Rotating Racking Arm
  • Extra 1.5″ Butterfly Valve (used on blow-off port)
  • Blow-off Cane, with Compression fitting and Quick Disconnect fitting
  • 3x 1.5″ TC Clamps & Gaskets (including one Teflon for the racking arm)
  • Gas Manifold Assembly
  • 2″ Sight Glass
  • 2x 2″ TC Clamps & Gaskets
  • 1.5″ TC to Male Quick Disconnect
  • 2″ TC to Male Quick Disconnect
  • Sanitary Sample Valve with Pigtail coil

Total value including all the accessories is $2,042. Most of the accessories are Spike Branded, but the Sample Valve is a MB Brand, and some of the clamps may be ForgeFit brand.

Available for Pickup, or can be packaged and shipped. The shipping calculator may not be accurate, and an additional shipping cost may apply.

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 30 in
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